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  • Estuary Housing Association would like to advise residents to be vigilant when receiving unexpected mailings or other forms of documentation that inform of a contractual agreement for maintenance on their property. It has been brought to our attention that individuals are receiving realistic looking documentation, carrying the Estuary Housing Association logo, by a company called ‘Task Group’ and requesting sums of money for quarterly maintenance.

    In the event you are sent one of these counterfeit notifications:

    Do not send any money

    Do not supply any personal information such as bank accounts, credit cards, or national insurance numbers

    If you receive one of these fraudulent notifications, we recommended that you contact your local police on 101 and also make us aware on 0300 304 5000.


    What is LifeWorks?

    LifeWorks is a FULLY FUNDED 5 day course which equips ex-Armed Forces personnel with the tools to get into and maintain a civilian job that is appropriate for them.

    Who is it for?

    LifeWorks is available to anyone who has been in the Armed Forces, regardless of when and how long they served for.

    Where is it?

    LifeWorks is run at various locations across the UK and at RBLI's Training Centre in Aylesford, Kent.

    There is a LifeWorks course in Colchester from 4th-8th July.

    If someone attends a course in Aylesford, free on-site accommodation is available for those who live outside of regular commuting distance.

    Click here for more information

  • Between 24 May and 10th June the DWP will be contacting all of those affected by the cap. It is really important that when you receive this letter, you contact Estuary to discuss your options going forward to see if there is any support we can offer you. Estuary has a team of Welfare Reform specialists waiting to speak with you to ensure that you can sustain your tenancy and minimise the effect. Please contact us on 0300 304 5000.

  • Passion for theatre, or just wondering what it’s all about?

    Estuary Housing have teamed up with MMBF Trust to bring you Art 2016 this Summer for young people aged 14-25. You will look at different ways to become involved in The Arts, whether it be performing, operating cameras or lighting. During this time, you will learn more about the various roles in theatre and which you feel is best for you. Click here for more

  • Do you love gardening? Do people stop to admire your flowerbeds and lawn?
    Spring is in the air, which can only mean one's time for a gardening competition.

    So if you have a garden, balcony or window box to be proud of, we’d love to hear from you.

    If you’re an admirer of a friend or neighbour’s garden and think they deserve more recognition for their hard work, you can nominate their garden.

    Click here for more information and how to nominate

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