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  • Estuary Housing Association have partnered with learndirect offer tenants FREE training to help you get back into work. If you need help with travel costs, contact your Customer Engagement Team on 01702 445444.

    learndirect aims to provide an excellent customer-focused learning experience using highly qualified staff, delivered in a friendly but professional environment. They offer educational and employability related qualifications and assistance.

    Together with learndirect, we will work closely with a range of employers and local partners to complement and enhance our training and employment opportunities so that customers and tenants can improve their prospects, find new opportunities and move on.

    Click here for the latest courses on offer.

  • Estuary Housing Association would like to advise residents to be vigilant when receiving unexpected mailings or other forms of documentation that inform of a contractual agreement for maintenance on their property. It has been brought to our attention that individuals are receiving realistic looking documentation, carrying the Estuary Housing Association logo, by a company called ‘Task Group’ and requesting sums of money for quarterly maintenance.

    In the event you are sent one of these counterfeit notifications:

    Do not send any money

    Do not supply any personal information such as bank accounts, credit cards, or national insurance numbers

    If you receive one of these fraudulent notifications, we recommended that you contact your local police on 101 and also make us aware on 0300 304 5000.

  • Between 24 May and 10th June the DWP will be contacting all of those affected by the cap. It is really important that when you receive this letter, you contact Estuary to discuss your options going forward to see if there is any support we can offer you. Estuary has a team of Welfare Reform specialists waiting to speak with you to ensure that you can sustain your tenancy and minimise the effect. Please contact us on 0300 304 5000.

  • Although most people who come to your door will be genuine, not all are.

    Our staff and contractors carry identity badges and will be happy to show you when they arrive.

    Read more about bogus callers here.

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