Resident Awards 2019

The winners are banner
A big thank you to all the residents that attended the awards ceremony and for making the atmosphere so warm and welcoming!
The winners are...

Daniel Rose - Good Neighbour Award 

Phil Little - Creativity and Innovation Award 


Karl Smith - Making a Difference Award 

Eileen Newth & Lorraine Shearer - Staff Member of the Year – (For Estuary Residents only)

Paul Richards - EBS Rep of the Year

Chloe Read, Diane Morgan & Victoria Young - Youth Volunteer of the Year (new)

Anastasia Geikina - Young Person of the Year (new)

Karl Smith & Patricia Osborn - Resident of the Year

Well done to all of the winners and thank you to those who nominated and voted. Here's to next year!

Award Categories

Good Neighbour Award 
A ‘good neighbour’ is someone who you think has done something to help improve their neighbours' lives within their community

Creativity and Innovation Award 
Is for a person or group who has come up with a new and inventive way of engaging or improving their local community.

Making a Difference Award 
As suggested by the title, someone who has truly made a difference somehow within their neighbourhood.

Staff Member of the Year – (For Estuary Residents only)
For a staff member who has provided excellent service and has gone above and beyond for a resident or community.

Paul Richards - EBS Rep of the Year
Awarded to a committed Estate Block Street representative who has spoken on behalf of the residents in their community reporting communal issues to ensure a good service.

Youth Volunteer of the Year (new)
Is for a person (Resident or non resident) who volunteers at a youth club or youth events and who truly invests their time in being a positive influence in the lives of our younger residents.

Young Person of the Year (new)
Awarded to a younger resident (under 21) who deserves to be recognised for making a difference to their neighbours or their local community. 

Resident of the Year
A resident who spends time carrying out activities that benefits our residents. The award recognises those empowering and inspirational individuals who use their insight, energy and positivity to make a difference. This award is sponsored by the FER in honour of our Involved Residents who are sadly no longer with us.