Our Housing Waiting List

A small percentage of our properties are available to let to people from our transfer and direct waiting list. These are available to applicants who met the criteria of our Lettings Policy without being nominated by a Local Authority. 

However as from 23rd May 2017 our housing waiting list has been closed for a period of 12 months. 

The only applications we will now accept are from current Estuary residents where:-

  • there is a proven urgent medical need, or
  • we have agreed you meet our criteria for a Management Move, i.e. domestic abuse, threat to life, or
  • you need a smaller home and you need to move due to financial hardship.

A resident living in one of our Market Rent or Shared Ownership homes do not have the right to transfer.

Our Lettings Policy May 17.pdf [pdf] 343KB was revised in May 2017. Anyone currently on our housing waiting list who is affected by the changes in this revised policy will be advised in due course.

If you believe you are entitled to transfer please email allocations@estuary.co.uk or telephone 0300 304 5000 stating your reasons why you require a transfer.  Where it is agreed you meet the criteria, a transfer form will be emailed or posted to you.  

The completed form should be returned by email to:allocations@estuary.co.uk or by post to:

Estuary Housing Association
Housing Services Office
Centre Place
Prospect Close