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Social Media Resident Survey

A big thank you to all 122 residents who completed our resident social media survey!

It was incredibly insightful for research we’re conducting to find out what would be most beneficial to our tenants if Estuary were to introduce corporate social media.

The survey showed the following :

  • 83% of residents surveyed currently use social media
  • 92% are on Facebook
  • 63% use Whatsapp
  • 57% use Youtube
  • 42% use Instagram
  • And 32% use Twitter

90% of residents surveyed told us they access social media on their phones, 60% on their own computer, and 52% on a tablet, with 83% accessing social media multiple times a day.

Your responses to the survey were very positive. One resident said that, ‘Estuary has such a fantastic community feel anyway - especially on our estate - it would be nice for there to be an equivalent online community for residence and employees.’

This week we announced the 5 winners of our prize draw – each have won a £20 Love to Shop voucher – pretty useful for this time of year!

One of our winners, Mrs Bass in Halstead, told us that she uses an impressive six social media channels on her smart phone multiple times a day to connect with family and friends, keep up to date with what’s going on and for entertainment.