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Who Are We?

The Estuary Resident Services Review Panel (ERSRP) has been set up by residents working for improvements for all residents across Estuary Housing Association. ERSRP is led by tenants and recruitment is open, inclusive and tenant-led. It is currently made up of:

Chair - Vacant

Secretary - Julia Davis

Committee Member - Daniel Rose


In September 2017 we received the national award for Quality Assured Scrutiny. The award is presented on behalf of TPAS, CIH and Housemark. We are very proud of our resident Scrutiny panel and The Customer and Community Engagement team for achieving such a prestigious award.

Quality Assured Acrutiny logo Picture of Estuary Staff and ERSRP

What Is Our Role Within Estuary?

Formerly known as the Estuary Residents Scrutiny Committee (ERSC), ERSRP is a part of co-regulation for residents to give feedback to their landlord, hold them to account and help improve services. ERSRP is part of the Estuary's governance arrangement and so acts as a critical friend. Our involvement will prove a customer led assessment of the services offered to Estuary residents, whether that is identifying good practise from other organisations or making recommendations for improvement. Taking an in-depth look at the way services are provided, to identify where improvements are needed and how services should be improved. We are tenant owned and tenant-led, enabling the voice of all residents to be heard; our primary objective is to improve services for all Estuary's residents by holding our landlord to account.

Once we have completed a review we will present our findings and recommendations directly to Estuary Board of Management. The Board will then report back with an action plan so the committee is able to monitor progress on the agreed recommendations.

Our First Review

Our first major review was completed at the start of 2014 looking into Estuary's Void Properties Procedure. The review focused on Value for Money surrounding the service, resident satisfaction, the standard of the void refurbishment and the needs of residents being met. Five recommendations were made and all were agreed, these included gifting any fitted flooring or sheds to the new residents if they wanted them, deep cleaning sanitary wear rather than replacing it each time a property became void and, including residents in void inspections by using the 12 Resident Inspectors.

The committee recently completed a review on former tenant arrears which was also well received by the organisation, and look forward to seeing their recommendations implemented.

The Estuary Residents Service Review Panel was recently short listed for the Customer Scrutiny Inspection Awards 2015 for the Most Inspirational Scrutiny Panel - Traditional Housing Association, for their work on the Voids Project.

If you would like to request a copy of this report, please contact the Customer and Community Engagement Team by emailing or call 0300 304 5000

Information on Who Can Join and How to Get Involved

The panel has an influential role in monitoring performance, service delivery, plans and priorities for Estuary. It requires a high level of commitment and we are keen to encourage a wide range of people to join us.

Who Can Join?

Anyone can become a member of the Estuary Resident Services Review Panel. A knowledge of the services provided to residents would be a good starting point, but is not essential. The ability to identify positive and negative aspects of service delivery, a willingness to talk about solutions and contribute ideas, work as part of a team to achieve goals and to be objective, honest and open is also welcome.

In return, Estuary can offer the following:

  • Cover expenses of getting to and from meetings and any childcare or care costs encountered
  • Provide necessary training to help you in the role either online or through in house or external training
  • Increase skills and confidence that could help in your personal and professional life
  • Work as part of a team of residents and make new friends
  • The satisfaction of making a difference to services that effect all Estuary residents.

If you don't have the time to commit to attending meetings but still want to get involved with scrutiny, you can read about our field worker opportunities below.

How Can I Join?

To get involved, please contact the Customer Engagement team on 0300 304 5000, or email for more information.

If you would like to apply to join the committee, please download the application pack below.

For more formal information about our committee, please see the PDF of the Terms of Reference below. 

ERSRP - Terms of Reference 2017.pdf [pdf] 166KB 

ERSRP - Application Pack - Reviewed Feb 18.pdf [pdf] 288KB

ERSRP Field Workers

ERSRP are always looking for more residents to join the panel. We understand that not everyone can attend frequent meetings so to enable more residents to get involved, we have created the Field Worker role.

What is a field worker?
It is a resident that would be willing to assist with research on Scrutiny reviews from time to time.

How does it work?
When the Scrutiny Panel decide on a service to review, they will email all the field workers to see if they are available to conduct specific areas of research for their review. The research can be done online, contacting companies, and writing up their findings for example.

What's so good about this type of involvement?

  • It's all online so there is no need to attend meetings
  • You can be part of the process that improves services for residents
  • There is no cost!
  • Great for residents who work or lead busy lives who cannot attend meetings but are still keen to make a difference!

ERSRP Reports and Document Library

Full versions of all documents are available on request

ERSRP Voids Project 2018 Website Copy.pdf [pdf] 492KB

ASB Management Response April 18.pdf [pdf] 208KB

Anti Social Behaviour Report - 2018 [pdf] 467KB

EBS Website Copy with Management Response.pdf [pdf] 436KB

ERSRP Communications Report update April 2017

183 KB Download

ERSRP Communications Report   

584KB download

Reports and Documents Library
Voids Project 2018
ERSRP Voids Project 2018 ERSRP Voids Project with Management Response 2018 [pdf] 492KB
Antisocial Behaviour Report 2018
Antisocial Behaviour Report 2018 Report 2018
[pdf] 467KB
  Antisocial Behaviour Management Response

Management Response 2018
[pdf] 208KB

Communications Report
Communications Report Light Touch Report 2016
[pdf] 548KB
  Communications Report Final Management Response Final Management Response 2017
[pdf] 183KB

EBS Rep Scrutiny Report

EBS Rep Scrutiny Report EBS Reb Scrutiny Report 2016 with Management Response [pdf] 183KB


Do You Have a Suggestion for a Service Review?

Or Maybe You Would Like to Give Feedback on One of Our Previous Reports?

If so, then please fill out the online form. Or, if you prefer, please print this form off  and send it to:

Customer Engagement Team,

Estuary Housing Association,


Centre Place,

Prospect Close,


Essex SS1 2JD.

All requests will be fully considered although we cannot guarantee success. You will be contacted within 16 working days by a panel member to advise whether the request was successful. If your request is not successful, ERSRP will advise you of other ways you may be able to get your issue resolved.