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We are always working hard to ensure the services we provide to residents are at a high standard.

We regularly consult with My Digital Voice, our digital survey group, to give us regular feedback however we occasionally need to get feedback from all residents. We award points for the surveys you take part in. Each survey will earn you around 10 points, depending on the length. From 100 points, you can cash in for a £10 shopping voucher. You will also be entered into a quarterly prize draw to win an Amazon Kindle.


Housing Green Paper Consultation - A New Deal for Social Housing

The Government published the Social Housing Green Paper, A New Deal for Social Housing, in August 2014. Estuary Housing will be putting together a response to this consultation with the Federation of Estuary Residents and using feedback from residents.

The green paper sets out 5 core themes:

  • Tackling stigma and celebrating thriving communities
  • Expanding supply and supporting home ownership
  • Effective resolution of complaints
  • Empowering residents and strengthening the regulator
  • Ensuring homes are safe and decent

You are able to take part in the full government consultation (68 questions long) on the website. Alternatively, Estuary have put together a reduced version of this consultationfor residents that is just 18 questions long, to gather your feedback and influence our answers. You can take part in this here and it has been emailed out to every household that we hold an email address for.

There may be some terms that you are not familiar with, so we have produced a glossary of terms used in the green paper for your information.

Green paper glossary.docx [docx] 18KB

This survey will close at 12pm on Monday 24th September.