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Job summary

The role of an E.R.S.C member

Personal attributes

Ability and skills

Support from Estuary Housing Association

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Job summary

Would you like the chance to scrutinise how Estuary work and make recommendations which ensure services are delivered to the best possible standard? If so, now is your chance to do just that. Join the Estuary Residents Scrutiny Committee (E.R.S.C) and get involved in:

  • Inspecting Estuary’s services
  • Scrutinising Estuary’s business decisions
  • Making recommendations
  • Helping Estuary to deliver service improvement.

The group are looking for more residents to join. They meet on a monthly basis and play a vital role in making sure Estuary’s customers are involved in the decision making process across a wide range of areas, including housing, community services, maintenance, complaints and much more besides. The initiative is part of Estuary’s continued commitment to resident involvement and influence.

Ongoing training is provided to members of the E.R.S.C, to make sure they feel confident in carrying out their role. Members also benefit from the support of a dedicated member of Estuary’s staff. The team has clear ERSC Terms of Reference.pdf (0.116MB) Adobe Acrobat File in line with similar roles across the organisation and a work plan is agreed with residents to make sure the recommendations and requests made are what is really wanted by tenants.

If you are good at listening, have some free time, enjoy being part of a team and want to learn some really useful new skills, the E.R.S.C want to hear from you.


The Role of an E.R.S.C member

E.R.S.C members will, with the support of members of Estuary’s staff:

  • Monitor performance of services and make improvement recommendations
  • Ask the Board and senior managers the reasons for changes to company strategies, such as business plans and investment decisions.
  • Scrutinise customer involvement in governance and make recommendations to improve composition and skills.


Personal Attributes

In order to be successful in this role it is important that you are able to demonstrate or evidence the following:

  • A willingness to listen and discuss
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Be free to attend regular meetings (with notice)
  • A willingness to work as part of a team, showing support to others
  • Understand and support the role and responsibility of E.R.S.C.
  •  Sign up to and abide by the ERSC Code of Conduct.pdf (0.046MB) Adobe Acrobat File.


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Ability and Skills

  • The ability to positively question and challenge
  • The ability to interpret/understand figures
  • A willingness to read information prior to meetings
  • A willingness to look at how effective the work of the E.R.S.C. has been
  • A willingness to participate in relevant ongoing training.


Support from Estuary Housing Association

In order to support you in your involvement Estuary will:

  • Provide officer and administration support
  • Offer ongoing training relevant to the position
  • Reimburse reasonable expenses
  • Provide support to travel to and from meetings (should it be needed)
  • Review annually the progress of E.R.S.C. members
  • Create a positive work environment.


Current members of the E.R.S.C

Les McDonald, Avis McDonald, Daniel Rose, Lynda Buckley, Ambrose Ghazali.

Interested in being involved?

If you are interested in joining the ERSC, please contact Avis McDonald (Secretary) by emailing: . Or please call 0845 634 0635 for more information.


ERSC Code of Conduct.pdf (0.046MB) Adobe Acrobat File

ERSC Terms of Reference.pdf (0.116MB) Adobe Acrobat File


Team meeting minutes

Minutes of E.R.S.C Meeting - 1st July 2014.pdf (0.131MB) Adobe Acrobat File

Minutes of E.R.S.C Meeting - 6th May 2014.pdf (0.087MB) Adobe Acrobat File

Minutes of E.R.S.C Meeting - 1st April 2014.pdf (0.016MB) Adobe Acrobat File

Minutes of E.R.S.C Meeting - 4th February 2014.pdf (0.075MB) Adobe Acrobat File

Minutes of E.R.S.C Meeting - 7th January 2014.pdf (0.021MB) Adobe Acrobat File

Minutes of E.R.S.C Meeting - 11th December 2013.pdf (0.021MB) Adobe Acrobat File

Minutes of E.R.S.C Meeting - 1st October 2013.pdf (0.077MB) Adobe Acrobat File

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Last updated: 20 October 2014

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