Housing Officers

A Housing Officer deals with a variety of things every day. They each have an area to manage which we refer to as their ‘patch’. The Housing Officer can have up to and sometimes more than 600 homes in their patch. As the majority of their time is spent out of the Office they may not be at their desk to speak to directly.  Where this happens you will have the choice to leave a message for them and they will return your call.  Alternatively if your enquiry is urgent the Housing Officer on duty that day will assist you.

The Housing Officers' main role is to assist Estuary’s residents with more detailed enquiries and concerns about their homes and communities. They deal with, but not exclusively:

  • anti-social behaviour 
  • mutual exchanges 
  • changes to tenancy
  • lettings
  • inspection visits of the property
  • home visits for rent arrears
  • evictions

Senior Housing Officer

Neil Spencer - Senior Housing Officer

Neil Spencer

Neil is responsible for Grays and Thurrock. 

Neil can be contacted on 01702 445451 or via email: neil.spencer@estuary.co.uk




Our Housing Officers are:

Woodgrange Drive Estate Housing Officer Carla Taylor

Carla Taylor

Carla is responsible for Maldon, Castle Point, Brentwood and Shoebury. 

Carla can be contacted on 01702 445263 or via email: carla.taylor@estuary.co.uk


Braintree, Colchester, Tendring and Maldon Housing Officer Vernon Flood

Madeleine Argles

Madeleine is responsible for Basildon, Braintree, Chelmsford, Uttlesford and the Woodgrange Drive Estate (WDE)..  

Madeleine can be contacted on 01702 445450 or via email: madeleine.argles@estuary.co.uk 

Trainee Housing Officer Jenna Mansfield

Jenna Mansfield

Jenna is responsible for Thurrock, Colchester, Tendring, Rochford and part of the Woodgrange Drive Estate (WDE).

Jenna can be contacted on 01702 445280 or via email: jenna.mansfield@estuary.co.uk  

Housing Officer Olufemi Onabiyi

Olufemi Onabiyi


Olufemi can be contacted on 01702 445328 or via email: Olufemi.onabiyi@estuary.co.uk  

Leasehold Housing Officer Juliet Banks

Juliet Banks

Juliet is the Leasehold Housing Officer. She is responsible for all shared ownership properties as well as our private retirement schemes, Pembridge and Oakham Court. Juliet is also responsible for market rent properties in the Rendlesham area only. 

Juliet can be contacted on 01702 445272 or via email: juliet.banks@estuary.co.uk