Gas Safety

Gas safetyWith the cold weather now here, it is very important that we check your boiler is working correctly. Estuary has a legal responsibility to complete a gas safety check at least once a year and ensure that our residents are safe in their homes.

During our gas safety inspection we will service and repair all our gas appliances and point out any faults on your own appliances such as your cooker. Appliances that are serviced regularly are less likely to break down. Just think about the inconvenience when your heating system breaks down heating and no hot water!

RG Francis, our Gas Servicing contractor, will contact you before your next gas check is due. You will receive a letter in the post requesting a convenient appointment date. Once received, please get in touch as soon as possible.

We will need gas and electricity to service your central heating. If you have prepayment meters, please make sure there is credit in them when we call. If we cannot service your central heating because there is no gas or electric, we will have to turn the gas supply off temporarily for your own safety.

We understand that there may be circumstances which make it impossible for us to gain entry over a period of time, such as illness or if a resident is away from there home for some time. Please contact your Housing Officer if this applies to you.


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