Aids And Adaptations

We try to adapt our residents’ homes, where someone is elderly or disabled, in order for them to stay there for as long as they wish to do so. This however is subject to Estuary having sufficient funding.


What are aids and adaptations?

Aids and adaptations are alterations to your home. They can range from simple things like grab rails to help you out of the bath, to ramps and level-access showers, or major fittings such as a stair lift.


What to do if you want alterations made to your home

If you, or someone permanently living with you, find it difficult to get around your home and you believe adaption’s will help then you will need to speak to an Occupational Therapist. Occupational therapists are normally based at your local Council and are specially trained to assess your needs. The Occupational Therapist will arrange a time to visit you and assess what adaptations you need. We will only do work that the Occupational Therapist recommends, so it important that they fully understand your needs. Please be aware there may be delay in visiting you as Occupational Therapists receive many requests and use a priority order system, check with your local authority.

Residents also have the option of installing the aids and adaptations themselves, at their own cost, using qualified operatives and other approval criteria. In this instance, please fill in a Resident Improvement Application.


What happens next?

The Occupational Therapist tells us what work they think needs to be done to your home. We have a restricted budget to carry out works and demand for aids and adaptations is high. Therefore it may be necessary to place your application on a waiting list, but you will be advised if this is the case.

If you require major works, we will ask our surveyor to visit your home with the Occupational Therapist to make sure that the adaptations are appropriate for you and your home is suitable for the proposed works. This again will be subject to funding being available and we may need to apply for Grant funding to help fund the work in these circumstances.


Maintaining the adaptations

Estuary will maintain most of the aids or adaptations to your home. Sometimes we will need to charge you for this through a service charge.

If aids or adaptations are carried out by other organisations, for example the Council, they will give you specific information about the maintenance.